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Data and 

We work with Decision Makers within Organizations to help execute their Vision on Data Modernization and Analytics Strategies


How We Can Assist

SAP Analytics
Enriched SAP Tables combined with metadata to help you start building your repository of data assets and products
Data Architecture and Engineering
Start with a conceptual and logical data reference architecture and orchestrate automated pipelines that attest to the architecture
Data Ops and Automation
Streamline your data pipelines, optimize your cloud environment, and orchestrate your workflows.
Make it repeatable
Advisory and Strategy
Craft a robust data strategy, starting with foundational security and access controls and architectures that conform to your organization
Technology Partners

Industries Served

Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Sales and Services Orders Management

Contracts and Timesheets Management

Financial and Labor KPIs

Logistics, Spares, Purchasing, Quality, and Production Metrics Reporting

Insurance\ Re-Insurance

Treaty and Risk Management

Contracts, Quota, and Referrals

Client Satisfaction and Claim Settlements

Accounts and Renewals

Underwriting KPIs, Audit, and Triangulation Reporting

Retail DTC

Demand Forecasting and Planning

Conversions and Employee Discounts

Promotions and Seasonal Trends

Consumer Trends

Stores and ECommerce Traffic Analytics 

Revenue, Margin, and Inventory Reporting

Why Us
Deeply Engaged
Extended Teams often end up becoming task oriented and tactical in operations when it comes to delivery. We pride ourselves in not being stereotyped with uur involvement starting with Day One of the engagement.
Focused on Outcome
We differentiate by being driven by Outcome and not Output. We contribute to your digital transformation efforts by becoming one with your strategy and not just a project delivery team.
Value Centric
We become your Competitive Advantage with our Value Centric approach that differentiates us from other extended teams that you may be engaged with. Let us show you how we can help you achieve your ROI not just in Dollars, but in Value.

Engage with us if you're in charge of ensuring the success of  your Data Modernization and Analytics initiatives

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