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Improving SAP Reporting and Analytics within a Snowflake ecosystem


A division of a top manufacturing company with a focus on developing nanotechnology markets and semiconductor applications had several difficulties with its dashboarding and analytics procedures.

There were difficulties with data accuracy in the Operational Data Store (ODS) layer, as well as significant reliance on search engines for semantics and definitions due to SAP's complicated nomenclature when modeling SAP data within a Snowflake environment. Due to the lack of validation in the final reports, business users had to escalate issues on a regular basis. To get over these challenges and enhance the overall performance of their analytics and reporting processes, robust procedures and solutions were needed.

They were able to address their issues and accomplish notable advancements in their SAP analytics and reporting capabilities by utilizing indigoChart's services and expertise with both Snowflake and SAP. These are some significant features and effects of their journey:

Problem Statement: Pre-existing practices and pain areas

  • Development Approach and Analysts Workflows: Without a methodical approach, developers were forced to use search engines to build table structures because they lacked subject matter expertise that led to unoptimized models. Furthermore, the ODS layer's primary keys were constructed wrongly, which compromised the legitimacy of the data. Analysts had restricted access to source systems and had to collaborate with teams both onshore and offshore.

  • Complex Architecture: The same data were housed in complicated layers of models that were constructed. This hampered data accuracy and introduced needless complexity.

  • Limited SAP and Snowflake Knowledge: Limited understanding of Snowflake and SAP exacerbated the problems with their analytics and reporting procedures.

  • Validation Issues: User discontent resulted in the form of repeated escalations caused by improper validation in end reports.

Areas of Value Add: Functional knowledge and technical implementation

IndigoChart assisted in resolving important pain points and bridging the gap between functional knowledge and technical implementation.

  • SAP Reports Migration: They were able to comprehend ABAP code and make use of the underlying base tables by utilizing indigoChart's expertise, which ensured a smooth migration and retention of functionality. Popular and complex SAP reports, like Production Orders, were easily transferred to Snowflake and produced more reliable and consistent outcomes.

  • Standard Code Migration: indigoChart’s knowledge of both ABAP and Snowflake SQL helped them replicate standard SAP code into Snowflake. This ensured migration of functions, modules, and classes, enabling them to maintain the functionality of custom SAP reports in the new environment.

  • Fixing and Correcting Base Tables and Models: Among the services provided by indigoChart were locating and fixing base table and model problems as well as enhancing the accuracy and integrity of data. Their reports' accuracy and dependability significantly improved after they took care of these fundamental issues.

Impact: Improved business processes and metrics

Partnering with indigoChart helped bring about several positive impacts for our client’s analytics and reporting practices.

  • Analysts Empowerment: Through Snowflake-SAP integration, indigoChart gave their analysts self-sufficiency and allowed them to take advantage of SAP's features inside Snowflake. Productivity rose as a result, and reliance on outside resources decreased.

  • Issue Resolution and Ticket Reduction: There was a significant drop in problems and tickets pertaining to the analytics and reporting procedures. They were able to completely eradicate problems that kept coming up, which increased operational effectiveness and decreased downtime.

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