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SAP Analytics

Organizations continue to re-invent the wheel when it comes to integrating and modeling Enterprise Applications data within their preferred data platform. Furthermore, the underlying metadata continues to be under utilized. 
Let us help you overcome some of that

Approach and Alternatives

SAP continues to remain a popular primary ERP system used by many medium-sized to large businesses. The standardization of business operations and their integration into a single ERP system need large investments, as is the case with most ERP systems.

Due to the disruption of legacy SAP BW environment and the rising need for an integrated offering of SAP ERP and additional analytical data sources,
organizations must decide how to position themselves for their future analytical platform.

Embedded Analytics using CDS (Core Data Services) Views , SAP BI, SAP DWH Cloud, SAC, and Custom Analytical solutions built using Traditional and Modernized Data Platforms are some of the choices for acting in this situation.


SAP's analytical solutions are renowned for their ability to turn data into insights that drive informed decisions. However, to make the most of these powerful tools, you need more than just software – you need domain expertise, especially if the data from the SAP systems is to be integrated within a modernized data platform such as Snowflake for reporting and analytics. Pursuing SAP's analytical offerings can be complex, and challenges can arise in various areas. Click on each of the key challenges you might face:

Building SAP solutions can be costly, starting with replicating and integrating SAP data near-real time into the data platform.

indigoChart's playbook for developing an
SAP Knowledge Engine

Our team of experts are skilled in automating the process of enriching SAP base tables and meta data, developing reusable views, building hierarchies, and creating SAP Standard Codes to fully harness the value of this SAP data.

From this point on, internal analytical engineers and data analysts that have a working knowledge of business processes and skilled in SQL may take advantage of these automations and model and transform data into
meaningful data assets using a modern data platform like Snowflake.

Hover on each of the areas below to discover more


Enrichment of  underlying SAP base tables 






Develop Re-usable Views from enriched tables

Material Master





Build Hierarchies

Node 1

Node 2

Node 3



SAP Standard Codes

SAP Standard FM

* ABAP FM Code

SAP Report



Auto Generated DBT Models that leverages the underlying SAP metadata


Accelerate the process of deriving insights from your SAP data

Apply Change Data Capture methods to land the SAP data into your landing zone and leverage the potential of indigoChart's automated solutions to generate reusable components that will empower your analysts to create robust data models for developing analytical data products. 

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