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Stripe and Spheres

Data Architecture and Engineering

A robust Data and Analytics platform that leverages cloud features is the cornerstone of data modernization. We work closely with you to define a data platform strategy that aligns with your analytical requirements. Our experts help you outline your blueprint for architecture, utilize cloud functions, and help integrate tools to scale your architecture.

Data Solution Architecture:
Building For Success

Modernizing your data architecture is an essential constituents of your overall Data Strategy. We can assist in crafting data cloud solution architectures across Azure and AWS that are scalable and designed to meet your specific needs. Let's ensure that your architecture supports data integration, data ops, automation, and data modeling to meet your analytical requirements. We will collaborate with your team to develop capabilities starting with a Conceptual Architecture, transitioning into a Logical Solution Architecture.


Assessment and Review
This is a discovery phase where we can help deep dive into your current ecosystem and conduct proof of values.


Not just around tools and technologies but also considering Organizational environmental factors and current processes.


Start with a logical solution architecture based on the outcome of the above and have a strategy in place to adapt your architecture to changing integration requirements.

Azure Cloud Functions and AWS Lambda

Leverage Serverless computing capabilities by Azure or AWS integrated within your Data Platforms to build Solution Architectures that are Robust, Scalable, and Automated to suit your specific solution requirements. 

Data Platform Automation: Efficiency and Innovation

Automation is the key to streamlining your data operations by combining the capabilities offered by the underlying cloud and the chosen data platform. Our Cloud and Data Platform Automation services empower you to automate routine tasks, from data ingestion to transformation and analysis. By harnessing the power of automation, you'll reduce manual efforts, improve data accuracy, and accelerate time-to-insights.

Data Quality:
Trust in Your Data

Data is only valuable when it's accurate and reliable. We can help implement data quality frameworks that adhere to the organization’s data governance practices to maintain data integrity. With our data quality services and knowledge of enterprise applications data upstream, you'll have confidence in the decisions driven by your data, by ensuring data integrity as it flows downstream.







Unleash the Power of the Snowflake Data Cloud

As certified Snowflake partners, we empower businesses to leverage the agility, scalability, and performance of the Snowflake Data Cloud. Whether you're new to Snowflake or looking to optimize your existing setup, our team is here to guide you. Together, we'll unlock the true potential of Snowflake combined with some in-house accelerators, enabling you to develop data models that feed into your chosen analytical, reporting, and visualization tools.

We're committed to your success and our practices and solutions reflect that commitment.
Ready to embark on a journey of data modernization and innovation?

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